Anti-corrosion coatings and sandblasting

Residential and industrial sandblasting and painting.

Surface preparations (hand or mechanical tool cleaning, hydro washing, sandblasting etc.) and anti-corrosion coatings are carried out on steel structures of viaducts, railways, bridges, stadiums, dams and hydroelectric plants, containment structures such as silos and tanks, and containers. The staff is equipped with suitable equipment such as pressure washers, sandblasters and airless sprayers and technical knowledge to carry out the work in accordance with the specifications required by the customer.

Protective paint systems

Anti-corrosion coatings for the protection of steel structures exposed to atmospheric environments, in accordance with the international standard ISO 12944 “Paints and varnishes – Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems.” The company is available to the customer with its own technicians for the selection of the suitable paint system. Paint systems are used on metal structures approved by RFI, ANAS and painting systems according to ENEL technical specifications.

How to select the correct paint system

Anti-corrosion coatings depend on: corrosivity of the environment (corrosivity category), type of surface, durability required.

The phases of a painting system

he main stages of a painting system are: surface preparation (through hand or with mechanical cleaning tools, hydro washing, sandblasting, etc.), application of protective coatings.

Checking weather conditions and measuring paint thicknesses are essential steps.

Corrosivity and durability

ISO 12944 defines six corrosion classes: Very low C1, low C2, medium C3, high C4, very high C5, extreme CX. ISO 12944 specifies a range of four-time frames to categorize durability, the expected lifetime of a protective coating system prior to the first major maintenance: low L, medium M, high H, very high VH.


Surface preparation of metal using sandblasting, metal abrasive grit or non-metal abrasives. Sandblasting 21/2 is carried out to remove mill scale, rust and foreign matter.