Anti-corrosion coatings, passive fire protection systems, flooring

SDF is a business that specializes in Residential and industrial protective coatings, passive fire protection systems and anticorrosion coatings. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and safety allows us to offer innovative and reliable solutions to protect structures from the threats of fire.

Our main services

Specialized in a wide range of structure consolidation and protection services, our company provides reliable, cutting-edge solutions for all your needs. Thanks to a highly qualified team of professionals with extensive experience in the field, we are able to offer comprehensive services, from design to implementation, with an approach always focused on quality and safety. Our interventions are carried out using state-of-the-art materials and technologies, in compliance with current regulations.

Fire protection systems in buildings

Fire protection of buildings is a fundamental aspect of safety engineering. This field deals with the development and implementation of passive fire protection systems to preserve the structural integrity of buildings and ensure the safety of people in the event of fire. Passive fire protection systems include a wide range of solutions, such as fire-resistant coatings, heat shielding, and insulating materials. These systems are designed to limit the spread of fire and maintain structural stability for as long as possible during a fire.

Residential and industrial painting services

Residential and industrial painting services are essential in construction and facility maintenance. These practices play a crucial role in protecting surfaces exposed to adverse environmental factors, such as moisture, sunlight, corrosion, and pollution. Coatings used in this context are often formulated to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring a long service life and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Anti-corrosion painting and sandblasting

Anti-corrosion painting and sandblasting are crucial processes in the field of industrial maintenance and infrastructure preservation. Anti-corrosion painting refers to the application of special protective coatings to metal surfaces to prevent or slow down the corrosion process, a phenomenon that may compromise the strength and durability of materials. These coatings are formulated to create a physical barrier that isolates the metal from exposure to external factors such as moisture, oxygen, chemicals, and thermal changes.

SDF VERNICIATURE has been in the protective coating industry since 1976

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These projects showcase our professionalism and our ability to carry out high-quality work, even on complex and challenging projects. We are proud to offer customized solutions that perfectly adapt to the specific needs of each client, guaranteeing long-lasting and aesthetically superior results.

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