Protection, reinforcement, restoration

We are specialists in a wide range of structure consolidation and protection services, providing reliable, cutting-edge solutions for all your needs. From structural reinforcement with passive fire protection systems to anti-corrosion painting and sandblasting, we put our experience and expertise at your service.

Passive fire protection systems in building

Residential and industrial painting services

Anti-corrosion coatings and sandblasting

Resin flooring and wall systems

Composite system consolidation solutions

rinforzi strutturali con fibre di carbonio e sistemi fibrorinforzati

Thermal insulation coating systems and energy upgrading of buildings

Structure rehabilitation

risanamento e tinteggiatura facciate esterne di Edificio residenziale

Dry lining

Lavorazioni in cartongesso

Certification of management systems

SOA Qualification for the execution of public works, category OS7 class IV, category OG1 classification IV bis.
Quality Management System certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard
Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with UNI-INAIL guidelines

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